Sodium Naphthalene Formaldehyde

concrter admixtures

LY-SNF-A is a naphthalene based high range water reducer. This product is made by industrial Naphthalene, Beta-sulphonate, Formaldehyde and Alkali via sulphuration, hydrolyzation, condensation and neutralization reactions. It belongs to non-air-entraining superplasticizer. LY-SNF-A is non-poisonous, odorless, non-flammable and non-corrosive to steel bars.
LY-SNF-A meets the requirements of concrete admixture of ASTM C494.

Features, Properties & Characteristics

Item Index Value Item Index Value
Appearance Light brown powder PH Value 7~9
Solid Content ≥93% Fluidity of cement paste ≥260 mm
Sodium Sulfate Content <5% fineness 0.315mm sieve residue<15%
Chlorides Content <0.3% Surface Tension (70±1)×10-3N/ m

Parameters & Acceptable Criteria, (Dosage, Cement×0.7%)

Inspection Items Inspection Criteria Actual Results
First Grade Qualified
Water Reducing Rate (%, >) 12 10 20
Ratio of Bleeding Rate(%,<) 90 95 15
Air content(%) <3.0 <4.0 2.0
Diffrence of Set Time (min) Intial -90~+120 -55
Final -42
Ratio of compressive strength(%) 1d >140 >130 156
3d >130 >120 152
7d >125 >115 146
28d >120 >110 138

Ratio of Shrinkage (%)



Steel-bar Corrosion None None

Dosage, Benefits and Application
1. Dosage rates vary depending upon the cement chemistry, amount of plasticity and/or water reduction desired. Recommended dosage range for LY-SNF-A is 0.5~1.0% of cement. It is highly recommended that trial mixes be prepared to determine the optimum dosage for your specific performance requirements. When dosage of 0.7%x cement is used, The rate of water reducing is 20~30%.
2. Keeps the same strength, cement saving reaches to 19-20%.
3. The slump increases over 10cm, after dosage 0.7%(powder or equal).
4. Increased workability, durability, impermeability and placeability.
5. Incresed strength at all ages.
6. Good compatibility with wide ranges of cements like Portland cement, normal Portland cement, Portland slag cement, fly-ash cement and Portland pozzolanic cement etc
7. LY-SNF-A is recommended for use in all types of concrete including high strength, early strength, precast, pretressed, flowable and self-consolidating concrete.
8. LY-SNF-A is applied to roads, bridges, tunnels, hydraulic electricity engineerings, ports, high buildings etc.

Package, Storage & Handling

1. For powder, Woven fabric bag with plastic liner. Net weight: 40kg +/- 0.25 kg.
2. Cautions should be taken to prevent from being torn by sharp-ended objects while packages are being transferred or delivered. When being contaminated by high humidity or moisturein case of leakage, it can be prepared in prescribed ways for further use without surrendering any effect.
3. It should be stored in a dedicated warehouse that is well-ventilated and dry. It remains effective in one year. After the expiration, date, it can be used again if testing results fall within the established range.

Techincal Service
A trained representative is available to assist in the preparation of specifications, and the resoluiton of concrete problems in the field.